Let´s build a powerful revenue stream and income generators


* Private and Public Grants

* Challenges and Contests 

* Sales

* Crowdfunding

* Sponsorship

* Donations

* Loans

* Incubators and Accelerators

* And more….


1. Revenue Stream. Let´s start with your WHY, your HOW and decide what is the best reveneu stream combination for you.

2. Re-branding. Let´s match your image and message with your revenue stream goal. 

3. CRM set up. Let´s target your audience and build a powerful road map of your contibutors.

4. Evaluation. Let´s evaluate performance and improve.

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Game Changer

Social Innovation Agency is the game changer. If you are thinking of scaling up your impact in line of your venture.

Denis Okurmun


Thanks for all the tools, I have a wonderful experience

Natalia Lever


A unique experience! The tools are extremely helpful

Juliana Galindo
The Guernica Centre for International Justice

 Fundraising Campaigns from €599 Euros! 😍 

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Yes you can. €25 for each change.

Yes, you can order a la carte.

Fast Delivery: €50 euros

Extra Meme: €20 euros

Extra Quote: €20 euros

Extra Video: €59 euros

Illustration: €100 euros

Animated Illustrations: €150 euros

Animated Quotes: €40 euros

Infographics: €70 euros

Share it in our Channels with a potential reach of 100,000 persons:  €150 euros

Video + Meme + Quote:  5 up to 8 working days.

+ 1 days more for every extra item.

  1. We receive your information and through an AI app, we summarize the content in order to find the core value and the key words of it.
  2. Our creative team starts the process of writting the copy text and the scripts.
  3. Our graphic design team jump into scene and beautifully draw the ideas. (only if illustrations are requested)
  4. Our creative team prepares the 1st draft which is submited to approval by our account manager.
  5. Once approved, it´s send to you by email.
  6. If you selected this options, we post your final content throughout our channels (Of course, we tag you).

We use Royalty Free footages, our own footages and our own images and illustrations.

We DON´T COPY OTHER CONTENT CREATOR WORK. But we also look for many sources of inspiration.


Facebook Pages:

Global School for Social Leaders: https://www.facebook.com/GlobSchool/

Roberto A. Arrucha: https://www.facebook.com/arrucha.org/

Facebook Groups: 

It´s a list of 25 groups that you can check out here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/GlobSchool/groups/ 


Global School for Social Leaders: https://twitter.com/globschool

Roberto A. Arrucha: https://twitter.com/arrucha 

Social Innovation: https://twitter.com/soinnagency


School for Social Leaders: https://www.linkedin.com/company/theglobalschool

Social Innovation Agency: https://www.linkedin.com/company/social-innovation-agency/

Roberto A. Arrucha: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arrucha/

Linkedin Groups:

Social Leaders of Europe: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8807094/


School for Social Leaders: https://www.instagram.com/globschool/

Roberto Arrucha: https://www.instagram.com/arrucha/


School for Social Leaders: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf_DVuoY_x8qJQjZnBvVGKQ


Through our newsletter, we reach up to 50,000 persons engaged with social causes.

We reach through social media "Young and Millennials" (20 to 35 years), 80% from the global South (Latin America, East Africa, South Asia) and 20% from Europe (mainly from Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Spain)). Our potential reach is 100,000 people.

We also reach our target audience through mailing and Linkedin. This audience is more senior, mainly directors of NGOs, project managers, impact investors, etc. from across Europe.

We aim to beat the complex social media algorithms with friendly, organic reachable and high-quality content, so you can provide valuable and great ideas to your community.

Regardless your industry or content category: Videos + Memes + Quotes are proof to be a great combination of content in the most popular social media platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  (At least for us is working).

However, our illustrations and animated illustrations are the most viral of all our content portfolio, why? cause it´s a unique content friendly and fresh to any audience.

Infpgraphics are built to graphically process complex data. A research, study, new findings, facts, stats or trends are the best example.

Nevertheless, we always encourage our clients to seek for a more meaningful conversation with their audience, talk person to person and always understand what their needs, pains and gains are.


Yes, you can. Drop us a message on Whatsapp and let´s arrange a talk to discuss your needs. CLICK HERE. 

Our Creative Team is in Honduras, formed by a group of talented single moms building up a cool agency.

Our Graphic Design is in Rwanda, formed by a group of young innovators.

Our Customer Servcice is in Austria, formed by experienced professionals.

We have already our characters, ready to be the stars of your of your campaign, we call them The Global Tribe.



Do you want a special character? Drop us a Whatsapp message and let´s discusss it. CLICK HERE TO SEND MESSAGE.