You put the dreams,
we put the tools


We curate the most useful techniques and tools of project management, business intelligence, marketing & communication, and real field experience gathered from social innovators around the world, and pack them in a small box.


Look inside your box


Social Innovation Book

Get to know step by step how to start your project, from modeling till analyzing variables, in a friendly and easy to use book

Working Material

Working Material

Post its, pens, paper, templates and an amazing t-shirt!



A guide full of the most advanced management and business tools available and TESTED on the field.



7 powerful posters that will help you to understand how to run and manage your project in the most efficient way

  • NGOs
  • Universities & Governments
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Students

How does it work?

The social innovation box is the result of 7 years working IN THE FIELD with non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs around the world. We aim to maximize your efforts and the impact of your social project with the help of a friendly, easy-to-use and POWERFUL tool-box. Enjoy it!



The first step on building your project is exploring your personal values. This will allow you to design the core values of your project and the model required.


Do you know that 80% of social entrepreneurs FAIL due to they run out of cash? Define your value propositions with the best sales strategy in order to raise independent and powerful income generators.


Maximize your resources throughout your real needs. Get the tools to get your work done and in constant improvement.


Time to evaluate your results, but above all the outcome of your real satisfaction for social impact.


“You gonna love your box! It´s a mix of powerful business tools and a friendly guide-book that will help you to run your project smartly.”

Jazmin – CEO/Founder of Hyena Costa Rica (A marketplace for women empowerment)

  1. Achievements Board

  2. Agenda

  3. Automatization

  4. Big / Small Data

  5. Budget

  6. Contact Management

  7. CRM

  8. Community & NGO Intervention

  9. Design Thinking

  10. DX Donors Experience Management

  11. Fundraising & Crowdfunding

  1. Ikigai & Golden Circle

  2. Impact Evaluation

  3. Project Model Airborne

  4. Personal Values & Emotional Intelligence

  5. Satisfaction Management

  6. Sales Process & Pipeline

  7. Sales Pitch

  8. Task Management

  9. Workflows 

  10. WOOP

You will also receive a full guide of DIGITAL tools that you can use in your project with the help of your social innovation book and posters.