Roberto Arrucha

Director of Social Innovation Hub

 About Roberto 

With 10 years of entrepreneurship experience, 2 as professor and 3 as mentor and consultant, Roberto is a mix of constant creativity, brutal honesty, contagious passion and results driven person.

Mexican, 32 years old by 2017, holds studies in Law, Economics and Business. He is the founder of Latinomics Leadership Forum, one of the most recognized NGOs in Latin America due to its work on disrupting the traditional education model.

He is also the founder and current Director of Social Innovation Hub and Impact Investor in more than 10 grass-roots social initiatives in 6 countries. He is based in Vienna, Austria during spring & summer time (north hemisphere), and around the world during winter & fall, where he works directly with communities, social entrepreneurs and NGOs. 

His journey 

– 2008. At the age of 22, Roberto dropped his job as a lawyer and started his entrepreneurship journey. Starting by founding the first startup focused on digital content for mobile devices and then director and partner of the first startup for video-editorial news at his home state Veracruz. Despite the enormous success and track of the ideas, Roberto failed on this ventures by the lack of managerial skills. 

– 2009 – 2010. After the declaration of war made by the Mexican federal government against the drug cartels, the media in Mexico was violently hit by the violence. Despite the increasing threats to the journalist in Mexico, Roberto became the leading voice for the rights of the digital journalism and civic activism in Mexico.

– 2011. When the war and the violence reached its peak point, Roberto was pushed to leave his home state and country. By his 25th birthday, Roberto left Mexico for the first time, becoming an intern as an assistant lecturer in Karvina University in the Czech Republic, delivering cultural presentations about social challenges in Mexico.

– 2012. At the age of 26, he moved to India to become the first assistant professor of Advertising, Marketing and Business Innovation at PCTE Group of College in Ludhiana, Punjab, awarded as the best Business School in the north of India. After 1 year living in India, he got fully interested and involved in social entrepreneurship as a way to face local social challenges with a global scope.

– 2012 till date. Since then, Roberto travels the world as a guest professor and lecturer in educational centres and universities, and onsite consultant for dozens of grass-roots NGOs and social entrepreneurs in countries like India, Vietnam, Thailand, Kenya, Rwanda, etc. His work has been hosted by renamed universities and educational centres such as Goa University in India, the University of Economics in Vietnam, Rwanda´s Public Library, etc. 

– 2013. He founded Latinomics Leadership Forum, which previously was a blog and magazine, to turn it into a global NGO with products and programs aiming to disrupt the traditional educational model in Latin America.  In 2015 Latinomics was recognized by the media in Latin America as one of the leading NGOs incorporating new models in the educational sector. Latinomics Leadership Forum is nowadays a leading platform for the new generation of social leaders in Latin America, with more than 300 hundred emerging leaders engaging every year in the programs.

– 2016. After 5 years working in the field with NGOs, communities and social entrepreneurs. Roberto founded Social Innovation Hub, an initiative aiming to inspire, connect and empower social initiatives around the world, attending more than 50 social initiatives in more than 10 countries.

 Publication & Awards 

His publications are featured in top media houses as “El Universal” and “El Angel Inversionista” in Mexico and “The Times of India” in India. 

Roberto has been nominated collectively by the government of Veracruz (Mexico) and local NGOs as a candidate for the National Youth Award of Mexico. 

In 2012 Roberto became the head of the movement in defence of the rights for the digital journalism and civic activism in social media in Mexico, becoming one of the most influential opinion leaders of his home state.

Roberto has been invited to deliver lectures, conferences and online classes for Universities, Forums, Organizations and Educational Centers in more than 7 countries around the world. In 2017 his work was recognized by members of the United Nations as an example of successful interventions to tackle social challenges. 


For NGOs, social enterprises and initiatives with social impact:

· Looking for boosting your social enterprise or finding income generators for your NGO?  Through the “Social Impact Audit“, Roberto conducts a 1-month onsite program, aiming to develop, boost, maximize and evaluate your efforts in a productive and friendly intervention. 

For Universities, Forums, Educational Centres or Conferences:

· If you are looking for a fresh, updated and practical content, Roberto delivers specialized workshops and training sessions on topics related to Social innovation management, NGO & Social Enterprise management, as well as advertising, sales & marketing for social entrepreneurs. Our pieces of training and workshops provide a powerful content to develop projects from zero to incorporate the latest  IT & digital tools for social initiatives in a friendly transition.

· As an experienced social entrepreneur and consultant, Roberto is invited as a speaker at conferences, panels, forums, summits and events related to social entrepreneurship.

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