Thanks to your contribution we are able to keep supporting, connecting and empowering social initiatives around the world.

Option 1

– Make your contribution directly with Paypal using your credit/debit card. 

– Paypal will charge 5% commission that will be added into your contribution automatically. 

– You contribution will appear into your bank statement as “Paypal Latinomics Mexico AC”.

– See the following sample. Use your Paypal account, otherwise use your credit/debit card.

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Option 2

– Make your contribution through transferwise using your debit card or bank transfer. 

– The commission offered by transferwise is lower than a traditional bank, and it offers high standards of security for your transactions.  We recommend you checking first if tansferwise commision is lower than paypal.

– Use the bank information below and visit transferwise page to make your contribution: 

SUBJECT / CONCEPT:  <<Your name>> – Contribution

Bank account holder: Latinomics Mexico AC

Bank account number: 65-50422045-9

Bank name: Santander México

Branch number: 4899


CLABE (In case is required): 014855655042204599

Bank address:  Av. 3 Calle 5 No. 326 Col. Centro, Córdoba, Veracruz. MEXICO. 94500

Latinomics Mexico office address:  Calle 10 #704 Col. San José, 94569. Córdoba, Veracruz. MEXICO.